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Beast Grooming

A 5 week group project, where we were challenged to create a family of 4 products based on the word "Beast". 1 product needed to be made by the group, while the other 3 were made individually. 

A 5 week group project Redesigning a shaving set with masculine edge.

Modern shaving products lack the romance and edge that traditional shaving sets had. With unnecessary functions and technological accents, the overall experience is cheapened. This product family captures the romance of traditional sets and empowers users with strong, masculine forms.


Inital ideation

The design for the pieces was heavily centered on iconography. To stand on their own, they each needed to exude the spirit of the brand and build on it. This was achieved by focusing on one of the most inherently masculine forms there is: the ram horn. We were inspired by the sharp angles and organic curves found in horns throughout the natural world. 

We began our product family with a beard trimmer, keeping an aggressive, masculine form in mind. After we had made hundreds of sketches and models as a group, we narrowed down our concepts into 4 directions. 


Prototyping & user testing

We made foam models from the drawings and tested them with other students (primarily men with facial hair). Most users chose the option in the top right, because it was easiest to hold, and gave users better balance. 

While working on building the trimmer, I was designing the nose hair trimmer for the set. It was very important to me that the form of the nose hair trimmer followed the same design language as the trimmer. In addition, I wanted the products to be held in a similar way, so that the user would feel comfortable transitioning.

After testing the final prototypes, we 3D modeled edits and additional details. By testing the nose hair trimmer, I found that the form was too dainty for our target user. However, users responded well to the speed control, induction charging, and rounded blade guards. This project was a great learning experience, because I was working with a user so different from myself.  


From barbarous face mane to handsome beacon


The Rebel: Beard Trimmer

The rebel is a beard trimmer that exudes class whilst keeping function foremost in design. The trimmer guard, when not in use, recedes into the body of the trimmer. That motion is controlled by a knurled steel knob that provides a satisfying mechanical element to the piece. Sharp and subtle, the Rebel beard trimmer is a necessary part of any luxury grooming collection.

Designed by Keith Costa, Cody Moore & Emmorie Jossie


Into the realm of smooth, polished audacity


The Scoundrel: Razor

Taking from tradition by employing a single blade, the shave that The Scoundrel provides is assisted by the contouring mechanism, which places control of the head into your inexplicable precise, yet marginally sullied hands. The precision of your shave is determined by the tightness of your grip, an intuitive function that brings the technology of our fathers to the modern age. 

Designed by Cody Moore


Pronounced influence of a taboo act


The Thief: Nose Hair Trimmer 

With a retracting blade and subtle form, the Thief will make its mark on ones facial grooming, leaving only a clean spotless nostril and the effervescent recollection of its prestige. A hidden blade guard helps to clean the piece after every use, and a tactile slide button connects you to the piece through smooth, mechanical motion. 

Designed by Emmorie Jossie


The cornerstone of tradition


The Lover and Liar: Brush and Bowl

With a water resistant interior shell, the angular bowl resists the wear of the time and use, while the brush remains a modern design of a tried and true classic. The Brush and Bowl are an important step in ones shaving routine and a necessary addition to an already auspicious grooming gallery. 

Designed by Keith Costa


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