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EQUIS Collaborative Class

A 10 week group project redesigning backpacks for Equis Boutique

The purpose of this project is to offer the equestrian community the best solution carry and protect their belongings. EQUIS boutique is a high quality tac store for the elite of the equestrian world. EQUIS delivers quality brands and made-to-order, customized product, along with a sublime customer service journey that begins upon entering the store. The project goal was to marry technology, style, and function to create an exclusive product for both grooms and riders.




User empathy

After extensively learning about the various products the bags would need to store and the differences between the groom and the rider, we chose materials and moved into the designing phase. 


Learning Curve

Working with an actual client was a great opportunity, but presented some difficult challenges. From this project I learned that setting clear expectations for both sides is essential. We knew what he wanted from us, but we were not clear with him about what we would need in return. Because of this, our project scope and deliverables changed often.  


My role

As a team we created 2 backpack concepts which we 3D modeled, constructed, and created tech packs for. Because I was familiar with the vocabulary in equestrian, industrial, and accessory design I was a connector between these groups, making sure we were all working towards the same direction.


Final solution

For the grooms bag, we chose a bold silhouette with more capacity and organizational features. Every pocket was designed a specific accessory or tool that a groom might need. There is also a magnetic strip on the top of the backpack, which allows for quick, easy closure when the front flap needs to be closed in a rush. Finally, the bottom sectioned can be opened in order to easily clean out dust and dirt that may have collected in the bottom of the bag.